Postdoctoral Fellows: There are no specific funded openings for postdocs, but we welcome inquiries about upcoming opportunities, or about supporting fellowship applications and other funding proposals.

Prospective graduate students should consult the Biology Graduate Group‘s admission page for detailed instructions. The deadline for applications are generally mid-December, but you should contact faculty you might be interested in working with well before that date to indicate your interest.

UndergraduatesĀ should send an email to Dr. Akcay explaining their interest in the lab. It is a good idea to check out some of the recent papers to see what the lab has been working on recently.

Generally, people in the lab develop and work on their own research projects, which can be in any of the active research areas in the lab. These cover a wide variety of complex biological and social systems, from cultural evolution to microbial ecology. We do mostly theory, but enjoy interacting closely with data and the folks that generate it. The Biology Department and Penn in general provide an exciting intellectual environment for the kind of interdisciplinary work we do, with many world-class researchers working on theoretical biology, social evolution, and behavior. Check out some of ourĀ recent publications to get a sense of what the lab is interested in.

Being a theory lab, we typically have no openings for lab technicians.